2018 Handcrafted Juried Exhibition Recognition

January 26- May 13, 2018. https://imperialcentre.org


Susan Fecho, Silver Threads

“Diaphanous: Translucent; allowing light to pass through; capable of being seen through. Of a fine, almost transparent, texture; gossamer; light and insubstantial. I remember Orson Wells describing a component of King Tut’s Tomb, Diaphanous Linens… yet the shapes embedded cannot be removed.  I am reminded of Elizabeth Murray’s biomorphic paintings from the last several years of her life, she would die from ovarian cancer, but not before she had completed these shaped canvasses, powerful visualizations of the cells that would take her life, at the same time as she was revealing their ornateness. The collar of Susan’s work has such a noble gesture, so proud in her acceptance of her vulnerability.”

— Will Hinton, Juror for the 2018 Handcrafted Exhibition, Louisburg College. Professor of Visual Art

Nuno Silk Scarf. Silk Chiffon with silver thread and seed pearls.